Member Celebrations & Success Stories
What Members Are Saying (Jennifer):

"Before signing up for coaching with Tina and The Tribe, I felt desperate, no direction, always sad, overwhelmed, anxious and hurting really bad.

Today, I am more grounded, calm and rational. When stress and anxiety comes, I’m able to turn it around so much better and faster with all the invaluable tools I’ve learned.

I no longer feel like I’m drowning and dying. I have so much more hope now.

Working with Tina and this group has been a game changer!

I’ve learned how to manage my emotions, turn my mindset from despair to hope, calm myself down, regulate my nervous system and talk to myself with more kindness.

I was once a special needs momma who was at her breaking point. Tina guided me back into a completely different state.

If not for coaching, I would definitely be medicated and completely broken.

The group is amazing. The women are amazing. You are not alone. There is a Tribe.

My life has transformed.

Aguadilla Pueblo, Puerto Rico

(Mom to a boy with Autism)

What Members Are Saying (Anna):

"I signed up for coaching in The Tribe to help me deal with the constant anxiety I felt around my son’s severe food allergies that were life threatening.

Not only has it helped me with that, but it has transformed every part of my life, in the best way possible.

When I first joined, I was so lost. I was a barely functioning human. I doubted every decision I made. I would spiral day in fear of how I would keep him alive, I had horrible food anxiety during every meal.

I was so desperate and felt so completely alone because I didn't feel others truly understood the severity. I had tried therapy online with mixed results.

When Tina opened The Tribe. I didn’t think it would help me. I didn’t fully know how it would apply to my situation since she helps Autism/ADHD moms. But for the price (It was cheaper than therapy) I figured I’ll try it and if it doesn’t help I would cancel.

I am so happy I did. I now have the ability to just love my son, without having horrible intrusive thoughts of how I will lose him. I’m also rediscovering myself and healing childhood trauma where chaos was the norm.

My life now feels like everything is a brighter color with grays removed.

My son has also improved drastically and I know a huge factor is from my coaching.

Coaching can benefit anyone no matter what you are going through in life. It’s like a form of therapy that you didn’t know you needed. It’s life changing."

Phoenix, Arizona

(Mom to a 2 Year Old Boy with Multiple Food Allergies & Severe Eczema)

What Members Are Saying (Emma):

"I initially joined The Tribe because I was stuck with my son.

We weren’t moving forward after a year on the clean diet. After a year of doing, what felt like, everything possible, there were little gains in speech.

At the time he didn’t speak in phrases. He didn’t have awareness of things outside of him.

Today, he looks at us, is aware of our cat, has more understanding and follows simple directions. He’s speaking more and more phrases. He’ll ask for a tickle in full sentences.

There’s just more light in his eyes. Almost like a fog was lifted.

To all the moms out there. You need coaching! Even if you think you don’t need it.

It’s not therapy. It’s literally 20 mins that will release any anxiety, stress that you have.

Sometimes you go into coaching not thinking you need anything, but leave feeling like a million dollars after.

Now I feel calm and aware. And my state of being is helping with my son's gains.

You know what’s funny? When I first heard Tina talk about helping kids with Autism starting by changing his food. I thought “Yeah right. That’s not gonna do anything”. I even unfollowed her thinking “Yeah okay”.

And look at me now. 😂 I'm all IN!"

Austin, Texas

(Mom to a 7 year old boy with Autism who used to be non-verbal)

What Members Are Saying (Jessica):

"I originally signed up because I wanted help with diet, being able to ask many specific questions and get straight answers instead of continuing to do the research myself. Otherwise, I would go down the internet hole for hours and would still be unsure after hours of research.

Before coaching, I was feeling hopeless and worried all the time. I cried everyday…thinking of all the ways I was not good enough for my boys. I wanted to help them but was failing so badly. I was miserable.

I couldn’t believe this was my life for the rest of my life. I dealt with anxiety daily. I hardly ever slept. I had a to-do list that felt like it was never going to end…and I was doing it all alone.

From coaching with Tina, I was able to go deep to find out what was really the issue. I was able to face them and then let them go because they were weighing heavy on me. Definitely life changing.

Tina gave me tools to use to calm my nervous system. That’s huge because can you imagine walking around with fear inside you 24/7?  It’s like poison, slowly killing you.

Inside The Tribe, there are other members like me who are there for support too, and I consider them experts. Combined as a Tribe, they are a wealth of knowledge.

Sometimes when Tina helps one person, I’m able to use that information to help myself and/or my family.  Other member’s may have questions or personal things they like to share and it’s something you’ve never thought of to even ask. I love those!

Today, I feel Free. I’m free from guilt. I’m free from shame. I’m free from constant anxiety. I’m free from the pain I felt every second of everyday for so many years. I don’t carry those things around anymore.

And if they creep up on me, I know what to do to work through them. I don’t walk around feeling hopeless anymore. I’m very hopeful.

You’re never stuck even if you think you are. You have a safe place to go for anything: recipes, advice about sleep/illness/behavior, venting…If you have struggling thoughts of any sort, you name it, you have support for it. You’re NEVER alone."

Anaheim, California
(Mom to 2 Boys Age 10 and 8 with Level-1 and Level-2 Autism)

What Members Are Saying (Joie):

"I signed up after I witnessed a close friend go through a transformation as a result of working with Tina and the Tribe. She shared her personal experiences and I really wanted that type of change in my life.

Before coaching I felt at the mercy of life. Everything seemed to be in chaos and the harder I tried to control or fix things the more distress it caused.

Coaching has led to new levels of freedom. I am able to step back from situations and give myself grace. It has helped me break toxic habits of judging myself constantly. I found new levels of self-awareness that have helped me maintain peace and happiness.

It has helped me process seemingly traumatic life experiences and move through life without carrying such heavy burdens.

The tribe is a place where I am reminded that we are all experiencing and coping in the same human ways. I am not alone in my desire to be more and have peace.

I feel free. I feel at peace. I have the tools to meet life, surrender to it and allow the experiences to teach me instead of feeling stuck or trapped in thought patterns that don’t serve me.

This is a place where you can set down the burden of expectations and as you witness others doing the same around you in the tribe, you will never be the same."

Vernal, Utah
(Mom to a daughter 11 and son 12, both diagnosed with level-3 Autism)

What Members Are Saying (Sevan):

"I joined The Tribe originally because I was already on a healing journey for my family but felt stuck. I was burnt out from doing it alone and feeling lost - uncertain if I was doing things correctly.

Before I joined I felt very isolated. I didn’t know others who were going through what my family was going through. I felt like I was in quick sand and just drowning everyday by not only my emotions but the things I needed to do.

I have gained so much knowledge by being in The Tribe. It is so refreshing meeting others who have tried many things and sharing what worked. Everything is vetted by actual Autism moms.

I have an abundance of tools available not only for me but for my family. It is also so helpful to remember that “I am where I need to be” and I need to take care of myself as well.

The group is so helpful not only with coaching for ourselves but also providing resources and recommendations, no matter what part of the journey you are on.

Imagine having a library that is readily available to you and catered to the things you are going through. You have a team of mothers who are right by you, supporting you, providing guidance, and are your own personal cheerleader."

(Santa Clarita, California)

(Mom to 3 kids, 10 yr old girl and twin 8 yr old boys. One of the twins have Autism and Childhood Apraxia of Speech)

What Members Are Saying (Valeri):

"I signed up in hopes of not feeling depressed and suffocated by my son’s autism diagnosis.

Before coaching I was anxious and had a very negative and unmanaged mind. I was always miserable and felt trapped by life’s circumstances.

Coaching has given me the tools to heal. To know how to process my feelings and past traumas - including trauma of an Autism diagnosis.

I’m less triggered and anxious. It’s helped me move through life’s challenges with clarity. Especially when life seems more complicated.

Now, I love myself more. I’m calmer and less oriented toward perfectionism. I feel light (even if things in life get heavy).

I didn’t sign up initially because I didn’t want to spend money on myself, it felt like money that should go towards my family.

BUT after experiencing coaching (for a year now), it’s been life changing. I’m worth it. And it has been crucial in helping myself so I can then better help my child and my family."

(Vernal, Utah)

(Mom to 9 yr old boy diagnosed with level-3 Autism + severe Sensory Processing Disorder. Healing journey for 6 years)

What Members Are Saying (Tomoko):

"The main reason I joined The Tribe originally is after hearing about it from two of my friends who are in the group and they both had good things to say about it. Practical, simple and easy access. No pressure, open and empowering.  And they were both seeing actual results.

Another reason for me to join is, mindset work has been the key factor in my son's progress thus far. I would say 80-100% of his breakthroughs thus far come from shifting mindset.

Initially $147 felt like a big commitment to make, so I sat with it for a little while. But then I found out it is a monthly thing where you can leave at any time and you offered a satisfaction guarantee in the first month. Plus I heard the level of care you provided, so I joined to try it out for a month.

Once I got into The Tribe, I realized how much good value it was overall. The 20min coaching sessions sounded very short initially. Now that I’ve experienced it, I know how powerful a 20 min coaching call can be.

I’ve done a lot of programs on mindset work to support Autism. Although they revealed how the work is about parents (self love, self acceptance, self understanding) they didn’t quite support the actual "how to do it" on a practical level.

The Tribe offers very practical support that covers our ground as mothers in a more gentle, loving, open-minded way.  Ultimately, our well-being is crucial to everything, so our work on that can’t go wrong. When you think about the value that could bring to your life, the monthly price is well worth it.

I have been on the journey to help my son for 7 years now. I was burned out. Now, I feel like I am on the track to recover and reestablish my life.

I feel clearer. I feel calmer because if I get confused, I can always take it to my private coaching call. I feel more empowered and more capable. I am less judgemental towards myself.

Another thing that I didn't even expect to get out of the tribe is the amazing help in regards to diet change, navigating the medical part of the journey, and other therapies you could do to help your child.

It’s also so valuable to have someone like Vicky in The Tribe and we can ask questions at any time! I really feel that there is this genuine sense of moms sharing to help each other in their journeys. That is so precious."

- Tomoko
Nagoya, Japan

(Mom to a 10 year old boy with Moderate ASD/PDD)

What Members Are Saying (Pallavi):

"My little one used to sleep only 2 hours and then wake up for another 6 hrs and then sleep for another 2. Now he sleeps for 9-10 hrs at night. This is a life changer for us.

Sleeping more has really done some good on both me and hubby.

We still have moments that sometimes consume us, especially fear about the future for our little one. BUT we are actually very hopeful now, looking at how sleep changed simply from changing his diet and adding more nutrients to it.

Honestly, I am glad that I landed up here on The Tribe to heal my little one.

I don’t know if anyone has this extent of knowledge and the way he progressed on sleep. I will forever be thankful.  Thank you Vicky, Tina, Staci 💗"

(Perth, Australia)

(Mom to a 3.5 year old boy diagnosed with Autism)

What Members Are Saying (Aroosa):

"Before coaching with Tina, I was facing a lot of behavioral problems with my son which would leave me overwhelmed and unsure of what to do.

I was suffering from anxiety and I was completely shut off because my body did not know how to survive anymore.

I watched Tina’s IG stories about her group “The Tribe”— it sounded so promising but yet I was still indecisive about joining. My mind told me: this won’t be useful, it won’t help.

The timing wasn’t good. I was in the middle of moving, my child having severe tantrums, my 3 year old daughter traumatized from it all. I knew it wasn’t gonna get better with me waiting so I jumped in to get some help.

The moment I joined, it was like someone opened up a window with a cool breeze coming through. She literally woke me up and I cannot be more grateful.

Things started coming together just with her coaching me for 15 mins on a live call. Trust me it gets better in the 1:1 coaching sessions!

The coaching calls are so simple yet leave you WOW. I didn’t think it would be that way before doing this.

The Tribe has shown me a side of myself I hadn’t known existed and gave me so much strength.

I put myself on the Mom Healing Path (from the “Healing in 90 days” program in The Tribe) and have seen changes in a matter of 3 days.

My son who used to pull my hair is attracted to my calmness and wants to spend time with me. I owe it to The Tribe."

-Aroosa, New Jersey

What Members Are Saying (Emily):

"Before I joined the Tribe, I felt isolated, lost, and alone. Being an autism mom is a lonely thing, but being one who is also on a healing journey for their child is even more isolating.

We had recently got a seizure diagnosis for my son as well, and I felt like I could barely keep myself moving throughout the day -let alone try to overhaul his diet or change anything about myself!

My own self was always the last thing I thought about, took care of.. I didn’t like myself -I used to be fun loving, joyful, goofy. With my son’s non-verbal daily needs and medical complexities, there seemed to be no room for me to live a “balanced” life.

I felt helpless, like I couldn’t meet his needs and mine at the same time, which made me feel like a constant failure.

Before joining, I thought The Tribe would be some kind of weird money grab (I’ve never had been cognitively coached and was very unfamiliar) and I thought that it’d be a lot of non-concrete mumbo jumbo. Boy was I wrong!

The tribe has been like an oxygen mask, allowing you to breathe enough so that you are able to see your life in a clearer focus than you have before. They will take you out of the fog of overwhelm and anxiety, and the best part is you don’t need anyone but yourself to accomplish this.

Once you start doing the work, the momentum is so encouraging that it propels you forward to becoming a healthy connected and grounded version of yourself.

The tribe has simultaneously taught me to “chill out” and become more productive. It’s like once I joined, I had permission (through coaching and seminars) to give myself credit for what I do instead of constantly beating myself up that I can’t personally “heal” or recover my son.  I’m learning to love him for exactly who he is today, and it’s changed me profoundly.

I have been able to find my joy again.

The tribe has helped me get off my butt and stop making excuses for myself and do the work personally and for my son of diet changes, mentally changing the way I see him, celebrating small victories.

I’ve learned to both accept my reality, but also have a hope-filled, productive reality where I can set realistic goals and accomplish them-not letting my fear, doubts, or anxiety keep me from pursuing my son’s health or my own.

The gifts of 2x a month private coaching, Tina’s master classes, plus Vicky’s picky eating courses are SUCH an incredible resource. All you have to do is show up, listen, and gain knowledge and be curious.

Each part of this program is SO specific, topically, and step by step that it felt really do-able and that I could accomplish what they were asking me to do.

Even if I can’t show up to every live call, going back and being able to watch the replays (sometimes twice!) has been amazing. It’s been so incredibly worth it to be part of this community for the past 6 months!

I am a mom of multiple kids (3rd boy on the way) and Abe is my oldest. I am going to be a better mom for each of my kids because of this work! I now have tools to help me navigate real life instead of just feeling like I’m constantly drowning and throwing myself pity parties.

(Columbus, Ohio)
(Mom to Abe - 5 year old boy diagnosed with Level 2 Autism & Seizure Disorder)

What Members Are Saying (Bev):
"Before joining The Tribe my then 4 year old son was diagnosed with level 3 Autism and was completely non-verbal. He didn’t seem to have comprehension so trying to change his EXTREMELY limited diet seemed impossible. He only ate pizza, pb&js and french fries.

On the mom side I was drowning in information, always stressed and always tired. I thought no one understood what I was going through and was really hard on myself.

In November of 2021, I saw Tina offering the very first group for The Tribe. I thought EFF-it- I’m gonna try this. Can’t hurt.

My four year old at the time only ate 3 things and he was completely non-verbal in November of 2021 when I joined. I didn’t implement any changes until the end of January 2022 and now in July 2022 he tells me he loves me and can verbally tell me what he wants (I want pizza!). He says “I yuh you” ❤️ It makes my heart want to explode.

My #1 biggest gain is grace. I’ve learned to have grace for myself. I was so used to beating myself up all day long- over and over and over. I didn’t even realize it was happening and it was making me sick. Learning how my brain works and why has been the number one key to making the changes necessary to help my son.

Before I felt like I was constantly drowning. Now, I can see I don’t need to drown if I don’t want to. I feel hopeful. I’m excited for all that is to come and seeing how far my family has come makes me super proud.

(Boston, Massachusetts)
(Mom of 4. Including a beautiful 5 year boy diagnosed with level 3 Autism and used to be non-verbal)
What Members Are Saying (Ann):
"Before this group I did try another group and a mindset course within it but I couldn't do the work. I just needed something instant in the moment of hell to help me get thru it and couldn't find it there. I was sinking deeper into a dark place.

Within a few days [of being in The Tribe] I felt a renewed sense of hope and a light came back inside me. I started getting up at 5am before kids got up at 7am to listen to the videos, do the exercises and write notes. I could feel a shift within me and saw that was impacting my son. I have learnt to start by having grace with myself which I never had before.

I was feeling hopeless, like a failure, feeling rage brimming beneath the surface and very much alone. Now I feel hope and absolutely love learning the wonderful things that are taught in the Tribe. I'm soaking it all up. In the live coaching calls it feels like it's me talking as these moms echo so much of what's going on for me. I don't feel alone anymore."

I've already told a few mom friends about this Tribe. One of which has a son with ADHD. Others have other things going on and could really do with the cognitive coaching that cleans up the crappy thoughts that hold us back or keep us stuck.

There is literally nothing to lose and so much to gain by trying this for just one month. There is zero pressure to subscribe every month. But you may find, like I have, that you don't want to leave. You've just scratched the surface and see so many benefits already from just those few weeks.

Before I believed you have to sacrifice yourself at the altar of motherhood. But I see that does no good for your child and kills your spirit in the meantime. But not only does this work help the mother but the advice to help the child is there too.

The community I haven’t dive into yet. But knowing all the moms are there to talk to feels like a safe haven as I don't have anyone that is in the same boat as me. These moms are all on the same page.

When it comes to helping the mom cope, helping the child heal and ultimately from that the family thrives, this work is priceless. This is a lifeline.

(Ravenna, Ohio)

What Members Are Saying (Monique):
"I’ve been doing Tina’s Tribe work for about a month now.

The amount I have learned not only about myself, but the brain, my mindset and my thoughts is unreal. I have never learned this type of coaching and never had this type of coaching done on me and I was on teams and coached for approx 24 years of my life and I am a Sport Psychology major.

This is the first time I have heard things explained in this manner. We are given an abundance of calls to learn, be coached and open access to a community where we can support each other and ask questions 24/7. Tina is completely available and fully present to help and support, it’s a refreshing change.

I have never felt so empowered and in control of my thoughts, feelings, emotions, and it is such a huge relief on my mind, body and soul.

Every call I’m blown away and left with new ways to apply techniques to my life that benefit us in ways we’ve never experienced. My child is thriving, talking more, so happy, and we truly are progressing now.

I felt very stuck for a while, and I now feel the freedom and like I’m equipped to handle whatever comes my way in only a month of being in The Tribe. I can only imagine how amazing my family will be doing a year from now.

This group has been truly a god send for me and my family and Tina really gives you her all in every convo and gives you her heart. She is relatable, takes time to respond to all questions and makes you feel like you are MORE THAN capable. She is our biggest hype woman.

With Tina’s guidance I have been able to also quickly turn my marriage around and my husbands now even learning techniques.

I have never been happier, and I have never been more excited about our future. Every week that goes by I feel the weight lifting. I feel the layers being peeled back and I am eager to continue pushing forward being vulnerable becoming more of the woman, wife, and mom I long to be.

Thank you Tina for following your heart to make this platform available, affordable, and a safe place for us to heal!"

(New Bern, North Carolina)

What Members Are Saying (Celeste):

"I joined The Tribe because there was something in my mode of operation that was not working.

I would do whatever I could to give the world to my children, research any issue they had, work with them in school and life, but at the end of the day, I was exhausted, easily triggered, and would find myself angry at the simplest things.

I have loved and learned so many invaluable life and perspective changing tools!

Today, as I'm solidifying the details for our vacation, I find myself start worrying about what's going to happen or something that isn't booked right, but then I start telling my brain that it’s going to be ok, and I’ll figure it out as it comes.

SUCH relief and worry lifted off! It’s a wonderful feeling!

The short time I've been here has been invaluable. I LOVE the weekly calls and how open we all can be with practically strangers - and feel supported, and heard, and leave encouraged! This community is amazing!

You have no idea how much calmer I am and more confident in my choices because I now care about me. My oldest one is happier too, and the times she would freak out about silly little things, I tell her the same things you tell us! Lol and she bounces back real quick! "

(Jber, Alaska)

What Members Are Saying (Dalia):
“When I found The Tribe, I was at a point of confusion and anxiety. We had been doing Whole Foods diet and BioMed for about 1 year with little progress.

I was meditating daily, going out to nature up to 2 times per day and I still didn’t see enough progress. I kept thinking what is next? What am I missing?

Then I found this group and IMMEDIATELY saw a more practical way of doing things. You see, I was stressing myself trying to reach a certain level of perfection per day- perfect diet, grounding, activities, sensory bins, etc. I was also internally blaming myself for my child’s symptoms – “It is my fault this symptom is back, I am not doing things right. What is wrong with me?“.

This type of thinking was hurting our progress and healing. I thought I was doing diet correctly, when in reality my child was eating too much fruit (5 servings a day).

Through Tina’s guidance and support we were able to cut down to 1 serving a day – within days I saw results. More importantly, from our first coaching call I was able to LET GO of this idea I had of a perfect day for healing, and the results truly SPEAK for themselves:

My child is more relaxed, happy and putting sentences together. More importantly, I AM more relaxed, happier and at peace!

The thing I love the most about this group, that I have not found in other groups, is the ongoing support and coaching. Working with Tina and all the Coaches directly has been a breath of fresh air in our journey.

Learning about how your brain works and how we can rewrite our thoughts makes the world of difference in all areas of your life – this is what Tina focuses on!

In the beginning I told myself I was only signing up for 1 month, but I quickly knew this was the place I had to be. It is truly the best gift you can give yourself.”

- Dalia
(San Diego, California)

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