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Tired Autism or ADHD Mom?

Want to help your child & yourself?

Let's get you unstuck, find hope, end overwhelm, and live in less fear.
So you can move forward with clarity & confidence to help your child thrive.
You are not alone anymore
Join the program

Enrollment closes on Saturday, Aug 19th at 10pm PST. We open enrollment only a few times each year. You are one decision away from changing your life.

Hey, 🙋🏻‍♀️ I know it's hard to find time to do the dishes... much less read this page.

You're feeling overwhelmed with all that's on your plate, worried about your child's future and wondering how you can keep going like this, but I have a secret….

There is an easier way. I know it feels impossible when you're exhausted and doing this alone. But hope, more ease, clarity and solutions are available for you.

Now, I don't want you to blame yourself either. What you are going thru right now is hard stuff. None of us signed up for this. And none of us were trained...

There really isn't that much support out there for us... like you would think.

Between driving to Doctor's appointments, specialists, IEP meetings, ABA, speech therapy, OT, dealing with tantrums, and juggling all the expectations of a good wife and good mom .... It is totally normal for you to feel like you are drowning... 

The last thing you are thinking about is "self care". You're just surviving. And you don't have the help you need. You're carrying the weight of it all on your shoulders.

I have worked with over 250 women through a simple process to calming the nervous system and help you get out of fight or flight stress response.

When we turn off the volume of fight or flight response...

We have more mental clarity.
We are more effective and resourceful.
We can more easily find solutions.
We have more energy.
We are less irritable.

Listen, I have a vision for how this can be even better for you. This is my story.

Keep reading ... 

My Story ❤️

My name is Tina. My first born was diagnosed with Level 2 Autism, ADHD, Epilepsy, and Auditory Processing Disorder.

He had limited receptive speech, no social skills, limited eye contacts, no short term memory, speech delays, hyperactivity, impulsivity, unable to focus, uncontrollable moodiness for no reason.

Sensitive to sound, touch and textures of food. He couldn't wear a shirts with tags or anything long sleeves. He was an extremely picky eater with a very limited diet of mostly carbs.

He was constipated, underweight (side effects of his ADHD meds), and rarely slept thru the night.

I was told over and over that Autism and ADHD is permanent, and there was nothing I can do except medication and ABA.

I was told that my child was permanently disabled and won't have a chance to live independently as an adult, so I should plan financially to have him live with us in adulthood.

I listened to the doctors and did everything they recommended. We planned our lives around the countless hours of therapies and tutoring (he was behind in school. In all subjects). He was on all the recommended medications. And had to take meds for the side effects for those meds.

For 9 years, my life was simply chaotic. I had a demanding job. My marriage was failing. My house was always a mess. And My son was getting worse by the year.

After being on 7 different kinds of ADHD medication, I was heartbroken when the last of those meds stopped working.

This poor kid wasn’t sleeping. It was hard to put him to bed and he woke up in the middle of the night.

Because his behaviors were erratic and self harming. Every time he woke up, we got up with him.

We had sensors installed on all the doors. So if he got up in the middle of he night, my phone would wake me up.

I slept with one eye open.

My husband and I were both so sleep deprived, we developed depression and anxiety. Life was HARD.

And nobody around us understood. I had no one to talk to.

I pretended to the outside world, with perfect family photos, that everything is fine. But we weren't fine. We were hurting really bad.

The years blended into one another. It felt like I was on a rollercoaster that I couldn't get off. I had zero control.

It felt like my life was literally falling apart. It felt like I was drowning in a sea of chaos. I was exhausted - physically, mentally and emotionally.

To sooth myself, I started drinking wine. A glass or two... quickly turned into a bottle or two every night.

This was the only way to calm my anxiety and sadness. This was the only way to numb the pain away.

I felt hopeless. alone. and stuck.

I didn't know how to get out of the negative emotional spirals.

There was never enough time to get everything done. I was constantly catching up and always behind. I was always overwhelmed.

The only times I felt happy was the rare days we went on vacations. Usually for just the first day, and then it's chaos. Traveling with a sensitive kid with Autism and ADHD (plus a baby sibling) was stressful.

I had no tools. I've tried parenting books and courses and youtube videos and facebook groups. But they never worked for me. They sound promising but the advices just didn't work for my kid with special differences.

Seeing my child's symptoms get worse was not only triggering. It reminded me that I wasn't doing enough...

....that I was failing my child not knowing how to provide the support he needed. I felt like I was failing as a mom.

I was very hard on myself. I worked hard, stayed up late researching, sacrificed my health... yet I could never catch up to the expectations I've put on myself.

Then a Miracle Happened 💖

Then in that 9th year, in my most lowest of lows, two things happened:

Thing #1: I discovered cognitive coaching and started receiving private coaching from certified coaches to work on my emotions and mental state.

I had been stuck in perpetual stress response for so long. I wanted to turn my life around... I couldn't keep going like this.

Thing #2: I learned the idea that changing a child’s diet can potentially change his behaviors - via an Instagram DM from a stranger.

Honestly, if anyone had told me about "healing Autism/Adhd naturally" prior to this. I would have told them to f*ck off.

My life was so beyond hard. My plate was so beyond full. The last thing I wanted to do was make it harder with some pseudoscience BS that won't likely work (boy was I wrong(.

BUT this time, it was different.

Thing #2 arrived on my lap at the perfect, critical point. Because I was now desperate.

By this point, we had exhausted and tried everything the conventional medical doctors had told us to do.

We were doing 40 hours/week of ABA, OT, Speech, Social coach, 7 different kinds of ADHD meds, Anxiety meds, 1-1 tutoring that costed thousands of dollars....

My child was getting worse. 😔

He now required 24 hour assistance due to self harming, elopement, going to bathroom in unusual places and not sleeping.

I had hit my lowest point.
I had no where else to go.
I had my back against the wall.

So. I went ALL IN on both things.

And GIRL... Let me tell you.

My life f*cking changed!

It was as if someone threw me an oxygen mask and peeled me off the ground.

It was as if someone threw me a life line.

I grabbed on tight for dear life.

Eventually the life line led me on to a boat, and the boat led me to the shores of solid land where I was finally safe and can breath again.

While the journey was painful. That 9th year was the most pivotal.

It changed me so profoundly.

And changed the trajectory of my child’s life. Forever.

Today, my son is almost 14. And he no longer lives with symptoms of Autism and Epilepsy.

Somedays when his toxic bucket is overloaded, ADHD symptoms is the first to pop in temporarily. But these days are far and few in between.

He has been off epilepsy meds for a few years now and have been seizure free. And free of ADHD meds and Anxiety meds for three years.

After healing his gut, we worked on healing his brain, re-building neuro-pathways that were missed during typical developmental stages when he was younger.

When his short term memory came back in 2020, he was, for the first time in his life, able to remember moves from Jiu-Jitsu.

He started to thrive. A year later, he was invited to the competition team at his gym, and started competing locally and nationally.

Last year, having competing in over 30 tournaments to prepare, he eventually went on to winning the USA Open in Dallas. And the Kids World Championship (PAN Kids) in Orlando. 😭

Personally, every area of my life changed because of cognitive coaching. I healed myself from chronic stress & anxiety, healed my marriage, and completely transformed my business.

Why this program exists ❤️

I created The Tribe Membership - This program...

...for that version of me from years ago that was hurting and suffering for 9 years.

I'll never forget her.
I'll never forget just how f*cking hard it was.
I'll never forget what she had to endure.

I felt alone for so long. And I felt like no one understood me. Not even my husband - even tho he was suffering too and doing his best to be supportive.

This group is my life's work and commitment to create the most valuable healing container for those of you who are in my shoes from a few years ago...

I have included everything I know that has helped me on this journey and removed all the bullshit that becomes a distraction & doesn't work.

This program is designed to save you time, money, and heartache ... so you can get to a better place emotionally.

...AND then being able to have the mental capacity to REALLY help your child Thrive!

I want nothing more than to help you get thru the hard stuff faster than I did. So you can have the emotional fuel to help that beautiful child of yours.

This is the life raft you've been looking for. 🔥

You are here now.

Everything is going to change.

I love telling this to the moms in our group...

Stick with me. Things WILL get better.

I am not giving up on you.
And if you don't give up...

In a year, you will not recognize your life
It will be THAT good.

Most moms in The Tribe who has followed the simple process won't believe me at first... until they see it for themselves in a few months.

I believe in you.

I'm SO Excited you are here.

Let's do this thing! 🙌

Join the Program
What Members Are Saying (Vicky):
Join the Most Valuable Membership for Special Needs Moms
👩🏻‍💻Here's What You Get

Monthly Plan:

  • Two Private 1-1 Mindset Coaching Sessions
  • Monthly Masterclass
  • Weekly Live Coaching
  • 24/7 Written Questions
  • Community Mastermind
  • Behind the Scenes Videos
  • Private Podcast (Member's Only)
  • Nervous System Toolbox
  • Learning Vault: All Classes & Training on Demand
  • All Previous Coaching Calls
  • Monday Motivational Video Message
  • (Bonus) 30-Days to Healing
  • (Bonus) Healing in 90-Days Program
  • (Bonus) Picky Eating Workshop
  • (Bonus) How to Make Diet Changes
  • (Bonus) 30-Day Picky Eater's Plan
  • (Bonus) Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days Challenge
$147 Monthly
No time commitment. Cancel Anytime.
Annual Pass:

  • Two Private 1-1 Mindset Coaching Sessions
  • Monthly Masterclass
  • Weekly Live Coaching
  • 24/7 Written Questions
  • Community Mastermind
  • Behind the Scenes Videos
  • Private Podcast (Member's Only)
  • Nervous System Toolbox
  • Learning Vault: All Classes & Training on Demand
  • All Previous Coaching Calls
  • Monday Motivational Video Message
  • (Bonus) 30-Days to Healing
  • (Bonus) Healing in 90-Days Program
  • (Bonus) Picky Eating Workshop
  • (Bonus) How to Make Diet Changes
  • (Bonus) 30-Day Picky Eater's Plan
  • (Bonus) Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days Challenge
  • 2 Month of Coaching FREE
  • VIP Member Access
  • Annual Retreats
  • Exclusive VIP Courses 
$1470 Annually

What is this? 😍

The Tribe is a personalized, high touch, monthly coaching program that hyper focuses on ONE Thing:

Help mothers with special needs children with her mental and emotional wellbeing.

So she can be mentally free'd up and have the capacity to help her child thrive.

Secondarily, we support mothers with her unique needs navigating the world of parenting Autism, ADHD & special needs.

And for those mothers who wishes to go on the Healing Journey towards reducing and reversing Autism/ADHD symptoms...

We provide the roadmap, checklists, strategies for exactly How to get started.

Two Major Areas of Support:
  • Supporting the Mom with her mental and emotional health. This will make everything else easier.
  • Supporting the Child with practical & do-able healing guidance & strategies (This is optional. We believe every mom has the right to choose what is best for her child ) 

We have combined the knowledge and experience of over 300 moms, who were in your shoes. I've distilled down our wisdom for what works and what isn't.

The group is designed to help you save money, time, energy and heartache.

So you don't make the same mistakes we did - and you'll get results much faster and less pain.

We have made a lot of mistakes, seen the wrong doctors, spent thousands on ineffective treatments.  And we're here to prevent you from making those mistakes.

We are also the only program under $2K that offers Private 1-on-1 coaching, at a ridiculously affordable monthly price. And combines support for both the Mom's mental health AND healing strategies for the Child.

You will not find another group that offers more value for this calibre of expertise, collective healing knowledge, personalized 1-on-1 support, and high level community. ANYWHERE!

Our members -who are committed- receives priceless results and transformations.

Examples of results member's have received:

  • Children speaking for the first time
  • Reduced tantrums
  • Healing marriages. 
  • Overcoming fears
  • Creating a peaceful home
  • Starting businesses
  • Developing self confidence
  • Changing her self image
  • Losing weight (one mom lost 100 pounds with the help of coaching)
  • Experiencing joy and freedom again

Most women join us for their child. But ends up changing their own lives... In addition to helping her child.

This is the BEST investment for yourself, your child and your family.  
Join the Program
What Members Are Saying (Nancy):

Who is this for? 🤗

You are a woman who feels exhausted, overwhelmed, and alone.

You are craving some hope, clarity, certainty, direction, support and being held in a safe community of women who understands what you are going thru.

Did you know that parents of children with special needs experience chronic stress levels comparable to combat soldiers?

There are not many places you can turn to. Your friends and family do not understand...

And nobody in your circle knows jack about healing. They look at you like you've lost your mind when you mention "healing". 🤪

Before I tell you how being in The Tribe will set you apart from the average mom who's just "figuring it out on her own", let's talk about who this program is really for ...

You are a woman on a mission

You are a woman on a mission to change your life and are determined to change the life of your child.

You've got the desire, passion and ambition, but you're also feeling lost, confused and overwhelmed by everything that's on your plate.

You can't imagine adding another thing onto your plate.

Plus all the confusing and conflicting info on what to do next, has you paralyzed in taking action.

You're also feeling a little nervous. Uncertain if you are making the right decision.

You are ready to make change

You are ready to get out of your own way.

Even if it's baby steps. Or big strides. It doesn't matter. Intention and desire is the only thing needed.

Even tho you're nervous. But you're also excited for the possibilities of change for the better for your family.

And you're excited to do it with others who are also done putting this off and ready to make the changes necessary to turn their life around.

Whether you're...

➡️ An overwhelmed mama with so much going on in your life right now that you can't imagine adding another thing on your plate. Your life feels so cluttered right now. You are not ready to start removing gluten or you're not interested in making diet changes. You just want a better life right now. It's been so tough.

➡️ A perfectionist who puts a lot of pressure on yourself. You really wants to make changes. But you're scared it'll be too hard, or you won't be able to keep up consistently, or doubt that it will work for you. So you haven't started, or started but stopped since you struggled to keep up.

➡️ A determined mom new to healing, and you're ready to do the diet change but need help on the how - how to start? what to do next? It's all so overwhelming. The fact that it's not black and white science makes it so extremely difficult.

➡️ An experienced warrior mom who have spent thousands of dollars on different things. You've taken a lot of action, you've worked hard, and hustled your way here. But your child is not getting better. You feel stuck with the journey and wondered if all these years was all a waste. Fear of the future hunts you regularly, causing you to feel angry and frustrated

➡️ A curious soul who values personal growth. You may or may not have special needs children or children at all. You value your physical, mental and emotional health. You're a seeker. Seeking for ways to up-level, up-lift, improve your life to experience your full potential. You've read self help books, but find it difficult to put them in practice. It's hard to think positively in the moment.

Join the program

What will you get when  you join? 🎉

#1: Clear Map for Your Next Step Actions

You will have access to "30-Days to Healing" and "Healing in 90-Days" program.

There are two healing path mapped out for both programs:

  • Healing path for mom
  • Healing path for child 

You will receive a step-by-step action Roadmap and checklist for what to do next for either path.

Anytime you are stuck, come back to the Community and ask for help.

    #2: Private ONE on ONE Mindset Coaching Sessions

    Have you noticed no matter how much you try to think positively, it just doesn't work?

    That's because you can't just tell your brain what to do without getting your subconscious mind onboard.

    Taking action is hard (ie. Losing weight), because most people do not know how to get their unconscious mind and nervous system onboard.

    And so your brain will end up working against yourself with self sabotage, confusion and making it too hard to do.

    Working with your unique brain -however messy or noisy it can be- is the secret backstage pass to an extraordinary life AND lasting positive change.

    For this reason. The program includes TWO monthly private 1-on-1 mindset coaching sessions with an Advanced Certified Coach.

    These sessions are to help you relief & process negative emotions, calm your unconscious mind, resolving the problems in your life (in any area).

    The coach can help you with any problems you are experiencing. So you can free up emotional space and have the capacity to show up for your child.

    What this means for you is you always have a private space to talk to someone who specializes in helping you see what you can't see yourself. And the sessions are personalized to you and your unique brain.

    This calibre and type of coaching typically cost several thousand dollars to start.  Many members are in the group just for this benefit of having access to 1-on-1 coaching. There is not a better deal for coaching anywhere else.

    #3: LIVE Coaching with Tina

    LIVE coaching & strategy with me twice a month. It's important you learn from someone who's found sustainable ways create the results you want.

    I will teach you how I think and handle life's problems without beating yourself up, going into victim mode or getting angry.

    There are no problems I can't help you with. Bring it with you.

    You can receive coaching by watching others get coached. Or raise your hand to get coached by me 1-1 LIVE.  You'll be surprised how much you'll see yourself in everyone's problems. You'll see that you are truly not alone.

    You'll leave the call inspired, motivated and changed. Priming your brain with positive ideas, techniques will change you and rewire your brain thru repetition.

    My coaching is unique -combining a number of modalities...

    I'm able to...

    • coach your conscious mind
    • coach your unconscious mind
    • clear emotional struggles
    • give you next step action clarity
    • help you reprogram past trauma so you can live life with more freedom and less baggage that no longer serve you.

    #4: Mastermind in Private Group

    Besides being fully support by my team of Mindset Coaches, a Certified Health Practitioner, Parent Mentors, Support staff and have direct access to me to help guide you...

    You'll also be surrounded and mastermind with other women just like you, on this journey. To share what's working and not working.

    Every advice is vetted by real moms. We can direct you from unnecessary expensive treatments that aren't effective.

    You'll always have a safe place to ask questions and get clarity on your specific situation.

    You can even ask technical health questions - Vicky is our resident Certified Health & Nutrition Practitioner who will review and answer those questions.

    It's like having direct access to an expensive biomed Doctor to answer your questions, without having to pay extra.

    You also won't have the excuse of being confused anymore. Any questions or uncertainties? Unsure what your next step healing action is?  Ask us here and we'll clear it up for you. No more confusion. 🙅🏻‍♀️

    We have over 160 moms - the collective knowledge is insane.

    #5: Monthly Mindset Masterclass

    Highly practical and high impact master-classes on the most common issues we have. Each class comes with simple steps that you can easily take right away to feel better or see a result.

    These classes, and all coaching call replays, are available on-demand access. Classes also comes with Transcript and Workbooks.

    One of these classes, alone, is worth the cost of the membership each month. You will love these.

    We also have a monthly Q&A or Workshop cal for the month's topic - so we can dive deeper as a group and get your specific questions answered.

    Example Topics:

    • Fear of the Future
    • Overwhelm
    • Anxiety
    • Stress
    • Self Judgement
    • Men & Marriage
    • Mastering Emotions
    • Creating Beliefs

    Plus have access to our entire Learning Vault - filled with solutions, workshops, coaching - that you can watch on demand to help you with current struggles.
    Plus more goodies inside you didn't know you needed ...
    Join the program

    Being a member of The Tribe will teach you how to ...

    ➡️ Take thought-out and consistent action in your life or for your child (instead of sitting in indecision and uncertainty. Wondering what you should do next)

    ➡️ Have a clear plan and roadmap for what's next to get to your goals. (freeing you up from hours of confusion and feeling stuck)

    ➡️ How to take control of your emotional life in a sustainable and practical way. So you won't fall into the downward spiral of negative emotions for as long as before. Hours or Minutes instead of ruminating for weeks and feeling terrible.

    ➡️ You also Save a Ton of Time by not spending as much time spinning in worry, guilt, fear and negative thought loops.

    ➡️ Feel more confident so you can make quicker decisions to execute versus agonizing over things being perfect or right. And get out of overwhelm.

    ➡️ Take advantage of working with professionals with proven track record of actually helping people create results.  And working with like-minded moms who are brave, self-aware, passionate about helping herself and her child.

    The tools in this program will change EVERYTHING for you! 🙌🏻
    Join the program

    What will it cost you? 🤗

    The cost is $147 each month to have a full team of people supporting you. Including:

    • Me (Tina) - Advanced Certified Life & Nervous System Coach. Also mom to a child who used to have level 2 autism, ADHD, Epilepsy. Now in remission.
    • Certified Health & Nutrition Practitioner (Vicky). Also mom to a child with a child who used to have level-3, non-verbal Autism and now developing typically. She specializes in working with complex cases of Autism - cases that other practitioners cannot help.
    • Certified Private 1-1 Mindset Coaches - All coaches are highly trained with either Advanced certifications or hundreds of hour of practical experience. They will help you find relief from negative emotions, so your mental space can be free'd up to create more time, results and joy.
    • Mastermind - Connect with a priceless community of self-empowered moms who are on the same journey as you. We are stronger collectively than we are alone. We share ideas & resources. You don't you're not alone in this.
    • Access to Learning Vault - You'll gain access to every training program, every workshop, every master class I've ever created. Also access to unadvertised gems like "The Nervous System Toolbox" - 2min tools when your nervous system is triggered to help you get calm.
    • 24/7 Q&A - You will never get stuck in confusion or indecision again.. unless you want to. Any questions, uncertainties on what you should do next? You will now always have a safe space to ask questions.

    If you went out and hired each person individually, you'll be paying a heck of a lot more money.

    This program is the highest value of return on investment in the world of Autism/ADHD parenting support.

    Most programs start at $2K and do not offer private 1-on-1 coaching, or the depth of practical knowledge we have collectively.

    The value we provide makes this investment a no brainer.
    Join the program

    Is it worth it?

    How much is it worth to you...

    ...to feel like you can breath again?
    ...to experience joy again?
    ...to sleep thru the night.
    ...to no longer fear your child's future?

    How much is it worth to you to see your child improving, reducing symptoms, and gaining new skills?

    ... skills that doctors told us they will never do? Like speak, tell you "I love you", look you in the eyes, and no longer bang their heads or hit people?

    To me and the women in The Tribe, the gains we've received has be life changing and priceless.

    You can't pay me enough money for me to go back to how things were before coaching.  Not even millions of dollars.

    I get that $147 is a lot of money.

    But this is a bargain compared to the cost of not taking care of our mental and emotional health.

    If I didn't have coaching, my marriage would have failed from the stress of parenting special needs. And divorce would have cost a lot more money.

    Not to mention, private 1-on-1 coaching of this quality starts at $2K.

    You can have access to it for LESS than the price of an equinox gym membership. Or a night of eating out with wine.


    Also, having strategy (someone teaching you "How To") isn't enough. All diets work, why are there still so many people looking for the next diet for weight loss?

    It's because, the hardest thing to overcome is your brain. It's not easy because you are inside your brain. There will be blindspots.

    Mindset coaching is the most effective tool I've found.

    This is not like a digital course with some pdfs and a facebook group with one group call once a month. This is personalized, high-touch, private, 1-on-1 support.

    Anyway. You get the point.
    It's a no brainer. 😆

    Join the program
    What Members Are Saying (Namneet):

    Our Philosophy ❤️

    This is what we value inside the program

    #1: You Matter

    When you are well. Everyone you love benefits.

    Investing in you and nourishing you matters.

    Putting yourself first is not selfish, it is necessary.

    We show you why this one piece will help your child reduce symptoms, and accelerate healing.

    #2: Non-Perfectionism

    We don't subscribe for perfectionism.

    We believe you can still heal, improve and move forward without doing it all perfectly.

    #3: Shame-Free

    We are not down with practices of using shame and guilt as a motivator to get people to take action.

    It is a violation of our nervous system.

    We will have none of it here.

    Inside this group, our motto is "you can do no wrong".

    #4: You're Not in a Rush

    Rush and hurry energy creates stress and hustle.

    And stress will create the opposite from what you want.

    While we take focused and deliberate action. We do so with ease.

    We're not in a rush.

    You are always right on time. And never behind.

    #5: No Drama

    As a collective, our community is drama free.

    You won't catch us commiserating in as victims or gossiping.

    Instead, we are empower women, openly supporting and lifting each other up with action-able solutions.

    #6: You Know Best

    You know what is best for your child. Trust your intuition.

    Always filter what you learn (even from us) with your inner authority.

    You get to do it your way with your kids for their individual needs. Not some mainstream prescribed path or anyone else's path.

    You get to decide what you want to do, even if it is different than what I teach. I meet you wherever you are.. and support you on which ever decision you make.

    You are the authority.

    Join the program

    What other women inside The Tribe say about the program

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    Nicole Testimonial:

    Nina Testimonial:

    Staci Testimonial:
    What Members Are Saying (Emily):

    "Before I joined the Tribe, I felt isolated, lost, and alone. Being an autism mom is a lonely thing, but being one who is also on a healing journey for their child is even more isolating.

    We had recently got a seizure diagnosis for my son as well, and I felt like I could barely keep myself moving throughout the day -let alone try to overhaul his diet or change anything about myself!

    My own self was always the last thing I thought about, took care of.. I didn’t like myself -I used to be fun loving, joyful, goofy. With my son’s non-verbal daily needs and medical complexities, there seemed to be no room for me to live a “balanced” life.

    I felt helpless, like I couldn’t meet his needs and mine at the same time, which made me feel like a constant failure.

    Before joining, I thought The Tribe would be some kind of weird money grab (I’ve never had been cognitively coached and was very unfamiliar) and I thought that it’d be a lot of non-concrete mumbo jumbo. Boy was I wrong!

    The tribe has been like an oxygen mask, allowing you to breathe enough so that you are able to see your life in a clearer focus than you have before. They will take you out of the fog of overwhelm and anxiety, and the best part is you don’t need anyone but yourself to accomplish this.

    Once you start doing the work, the momentum is so encouraging that it propels you forward to becoming a healthy connected and grounded version of yourself.

    The tribe has simultaneously taught me to “chill out” and become more productive. It’s like once I joined, I had permission (through coaching and seminars) to give myself credit for what I do instead of constantly beating myself up that I can’t personally “heal” or recover my son.  I’m learning to love him for exactly who he is today, and it’s changed me profoundly.

    I have been able to find my joy again.

    The tribe has helped me get off my butt and stop making excuses for myself and do the work personally and for my son of diet changes, mentally changing the way I see him, celebrating small victories.

    I’ve learned to both accept my reality, but also have a hope-filled, productive reality where I can set realistic goals and accomplish them-not letting my fear, doubts, or anxiety keep me from pursuing my son’s health or my own.

    The gifts of 2x a month private coaching, Tina’s master classes, plus Vicky’s picky eating courses are SUCH an incredible resource. All you have to do is show up, listen, and gain knowledge and be curious.

    Each part of this program is SO specific, topically, and step by step that it felt really do-able and that I could accomplish what they were asking me to do.

    Even if I can’t show up to every live call, going back and being able to watch the replays (sometimes twice!) has been amazing. It’s been so incredibly worth it to be part of this community for the past 6 months!

    I am a mom of multiple kids (3rd boy on the way) and Abe is my oldest. I am going to be a better mom for each of my kids because of this work! I now have tools to help me navigate real life instead of just feeling like I’m constantly drowning and throwing myself pity parties.

    (Columbus, Ohio)
    (Mom to Abe - 5 year old boy diagnosed with Level 2 Autism & Seizure Disorder)

    What Members Are Saying (Bev):
    "Before joining The Tribe my then 4 year old son was diagnosed with level 3 Autism and was completely non-verbal. He didn’t seem to have comprehension so trying to change his EXTREMELY limited diet seemed impossible. He only ate pizza, pb&js and french fries.

    On the mom side I was drowning in information, always stressed and always tired. I thought no one understood what I was going through and was really hard on myself.

    In November of 2021, I saw Tina offering the very first group for The Tribe. I thought EFF-it- I’m gonna try this. Can’t hurt.

    My four year old at the time only ate 3 things and he was completely non-verbal in November of 2021 when I joined. I didn’t implement any changes until the end of January 2022 and now in July 2022 he tells me he loves me and can verbally tell me what he wants (I want pizza!). He says “I yuh you” ❤️ It makes my heart want to explode.

    My #1 biggest gain is grace. I’ve learned to have grace for myself. I was so used to beating myself up all day long- over and over and over. I didn’t even realize it was happening and it was making me sick. Learning how my brain works and why has been the number one key to making the changes necessary to help my son.

    Before I felt like I was constantly drowning. Now, I can see I don’t need to drown if I don’t want to. I feel hopeful. I’m excited for all that is to come and seeing how far my family has come makes me super proud.

    (Boston, Massachusetts)
    (Mom of 4. Including a beautiful 5 year boy diagnosed with level 3 Autism and used to be non-verbal)
    What Members Are Saying (Ann):
    "Before this group I did try another group and a mindset course within it but I couldn't do the work. I just needed something instant in the moment of hell to help me get thru it and couldn't find it there. I was sinking deeper into a dark place.

    Within a few days [of being in The Tribe] I felt a renewed sense of hope and a light came back inside me. I started getting up at 5am before kids got up at 7am to listen to the videos, do the exercises and write notes. I could feel a shift within me and saw that was impacting my son. I have learnt to start by having grace with myself which I never had before.

    I was feeling hopeless, like a failure, feeling rage brimming beneath the surface and very much alone. Now I feel hope and absolutely love learning the wonderful things that are taught in the Tribe. I'm soaking it all up. In the live coaching calls it feels like it's me talking as these moms echo so much of what's going on for me. I don't feel alone anymore."

    I've already told a few mom friends about this Tribe. One of which has a son with ADHD. Others have other things going on and could really do with the cognitive coaching that cleans up the crappy thoughts that hold us back or keep us stuck.

    There is literally nothing to lose and so much to gain by trying this for just one month. There is zero pressure to subscribe every month. But you may find, like I have, that you don't want to leave. You've just scratched the surface and see so many benefits already from just those few weeks.

    Before I believed you have to sacrifice yourself at the altar of motherhood. But I see that does no good for your child and kills your spirit in the meantime. But not only does this work help the mother but the advice to help the child is there too.

    The community I haven’t dive into yet. But knowing all the moms are there to talk to feels like a safe haven as I don't have anyone that is in the same boat as me. These moms are all on the same page.

    When it comes to helping the mom cope, helping the child heal and ultimately from that the family thrives, this work is priceless. This is a lifeline.

    (Ravenna, Ohio)

    What other women inside The Tribe say about the program

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    Jessica Testimonial:

    Anna Testimonial:

    Joie Testimonial:
    What Members Are Saying (Monique):
    "I’ve been doing Tina’s Tribe work for about a month now.

    The amount I have learned not only about myself, but the brain, my mindset and my thoughts is unreal. I have never learned this type of coaching and never had this type of coaching done on me and I was on teams and coached for approx 24 years of my life and I am a Sport Psychology major.

    This is the first time I have heard things explained in this manner. We are given an abundance of calls to learn, be coached and open access to a community where we can support each other and ask questions 24/7. Tina is completely available and fully present to help and support, it’s a refreshing change.

    I have never felt so empowered and in control of my thoughts, feelings, emotions, and it is such a huge relief on my mind, body and soul.

    Every call I’m blown away and left with new ways to apply techniques to my life that benefit us in ways we’ve never experienced. My child is thriving, talking more, so happy, and we truly are progressing now.

    I felt very stuck for a while, and I now feel the freedom and like I’m equipped to handle whatever comes my way in only a month of being in The Tribe. I can only imagine how amazing my family will be doing a year from now.

    This group has been truly a god send for me and my family and Tina really gives you her all in every convo and gives you her heart. She is relatable, takes time to respond to all questions and makes you feel like you are MORE THAN capable. She is our biggest hype woman.

    With Tina’s guidance I have been able to also quickly turn my marriage around and my husbands now even learning techniques.

    I have never been happier, and I have never been more excited about our future. Every week that goes by I feel the weight lifting. I feel the layers being peeled back and I am eager to continue pushing forward being vulnerable becoming more of the woman, wife, and mom I long to be.

    Thank you Tina for following your heart to make this platform available, affordable, and a safe place for us to heal!"

    (New Bern, North Carolina)

    What Members Are Saying (Dalia):
    “When I found The Tribe, I was at a point of confusion and anxiety. We had been doing Whole Foods diet and BioMed for about 1 year with little progress.

    I was meditating daily, going out to nature up to 2 times per day and I still didn’t see enough progress. I kept thinking what is next? What am I missing?

    Then I found this group and IMMEDIATELY saw a more practical way of doing things. You see, I was stressing myself trying to reach a certain level of perfection per day- perfect diet, grounding, activities, sensory bins, etc. I was also internally blaming myself for my child’s symptoms – “It is my fault this symptom is back, I am not doing things right. What is wrong with me?“.

    This type of thinking was hurting our progress and healing. I thought I was doing diet correctly, when in reality my child was eating too much fruit (5 servings a day).

    Through Tina’s guidance and support we were able to cut down to 1 serving a day – within days I saw results. More importantly, from our first coaching call I was able to LET GO of this idea I had of a perfect day for healing, and the results truly SPEAK for themselves:

    My child is more relaxed, happy and putting sentences together. More importantly, I AM more relaxed, happier and at peace!

    The thing I love the most about this group, that I have not found in other groups, is the ongoing support and coaching. Working with Tina and all the Coaches directly has been a breath of fresh air in our journey.

    Learning about how your brain works and how we can rewrite our thoughts makes the world of difference in all areas of your life – this is what Tina focuses on!

    In the beginning I told myself I was only signing up for 1 month, but I quickly knew this was the place I had to be. It is truly the best gift you can give yourself.”

    - Dalia
    (San Diego, California)

    What Members Are Saying (Celeste):

    "I joined The Tribe because there was something in my mode of operation that was not working.

    I would do whatever I could to give the world to my children, research any issue they had, work with them in school and life, but at the end of the day, I was exhausted, easily triggered, and would find myself angry at the simplest things.

    I have loved and learned so many invaluable life and perspective changing tools!

    Today, as I'm solidifying the details for our vacation, I find myself start worrying about what's going to happen or something that isn't booked right, but then I start telling my brain that it’s going to be ok, and I’ll figure it out as it comes.

    SUCH relief and worry lifted off! It’s a wonderful feeling!

    The short time I've been here has been invaluable. I LOVE the weekly calls and how open we all can be with practically strangers - and feel supported, and heard, and leave encouraged! This community is amazing!

    You have no idea how much calmer I am and more confident in my choices because I now care about me. My oldest one is happier too, and the times she would freak out about silly little things, I tell her the same things you tell us! Lol and she bounces back real quick! "

    (Jber, Alaska)

    Celebrate Your Transformation. It's happening ...

    Hire the life coach you didn't know you needed for a price you won't see anywhere else.

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    Try us for a month. Go ALL IN. Commit to your own transformation. And see how your life will change in a few weeks.

    When you do, you'll understand why over 160 women are sticking around long term.

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    If you show up, willing to commit, willing to be open, and willing to give this process a fair shot.  I can guarantee your results for the first month.

    If you give this process a fair chance, and you don’t think that this work can change your life, I will give you your money back in the first month. ***

    (***Giving this process a fair chance means, during your first month after enrollment: Schedule two private 1-1 coaching calls that take place within the first 25 days of enrollment. These calls are 20minutes each. Attend both calls, show up on time, be open and emotionally available for the coach to help you. Plus complete the foundational course with completed worksheets. Refund requests must be made within the first 25 days of enrollment via email with completed worksheet to show you did the work. This guarantee offer is not applicable for those who signed up thru the 30-Days Action Plan Picking Eating program)

    Join the program
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    • Two Private 1-1 Mindset Coaching Sessions
    • Monthly Masterclass
    • Weekly Live Coaching
    • 24/7 Written Questions
    • Community Mastermind
    • Behind the Scenes Videos
    • Private Podcast (Member's Only)
    • Nervous System Toolbox
    • Learning Vault: All Classes & Training on Demand
    • All Previous Coaching Calls
    • Monday Motivational Video Message
    • (Bonus) 30-Days to Healing
    • (Bonus) Healing in 90-Days Program
    • (Bonus) Picky Eating Workshop
    • (Bonus) How to Make Diet Changes
    • (Bonus) 30-Day Picky Eater's Plan
    • (Bonus) Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days Challenge
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